Vivaldo tesfar Zion brown  Born 12th July in Kingston Jamaica has grown in this environnement where the music is  connected has the spiritual elevation and the consciousnesses .


Son of Kojo iconic figure in Jamaica known for its role in the Rastafarian movement and also was a great  a player of nyabinghi  he have played for , Ras Michael, Jimmy Cliff, and many others 


he naturally became a  nyabinghi drummer

Vilvaldo  playing nyabinghi drums from he was a child first played in the nyabinghi order in Jamaica in which he grow

His  first recorded as a musician  in studio for Augustus Pablo on many different sessions 


Nevertheless he had not become aware of this gift until the day where his dad carry him to chinna smith to rehearse

He play at a Augustus Pablo's tribute show establish a link with Addis Pablo who already knew when  he was a child  

Addis Pablo and him  start to link on projects 13 months a Zion which his father played on and in my fathers house and mix tapes and singles by Addis Pablo and suns of dub


Vivaldo  also did rebel salute 2 times with Ras Michael and Yami Bolo played on many songs over the years and continue to work 

 He plays with Inna Di  Yard  for the most of time  and  he was in touring in Europe  last summer with Addis Pablo and Suns of Dub 


Valdo  also plays in free Lance   with  artists like Earl Chinna Smith, Kiddus i,Ras Michael, Prince Alla, Jah 9, Jesse Royal, Mark Wonder, and many others....

Road To Addis - Addis Pablo (LP) Vivaldo Nyabinghi Drummer

Road To Addis - Addis Pablo (LP) Vivaldo Nyabinghi Drummer

album: In My Father House

genre: Reggae

streams: 34