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About JhaVoice JhaVoice

JhaVoice is one of the hottest new artists out of Los Angeles to hit the scene in a long time. Those who experience her music are calling her the "Urban Sade. Her unique international sound mixed with hip hop is both refreshing and pleasing to the ear. Her lyrics are homegrown and true to life. 

A native of Israel with North African decent ,JhaVoice traveled around the world for several years before finally settling down in the United States. She spent five years photographing throughout the music industry. While in the recording studio during a photo shoot JhaVoice began harmonizing over a hook, she blew away the group who then asked her to step into the booth and bless their track. It was then that JhaVoice realized her true love was music itself. A few years ago she built a home studio. While playing her acoustic guitar, she wrote her first song entitled "Rebel Song". 

With the inspiration of those who got to know her she continued creating and molding her unique soulful urban sound ,a unique blend of hip hop, world and urban soul. Her music comes from her heart and Often freestyle. Her sound is universal, celestial and touches the soul. JhaVoice is a vocalist, a producer, a writer, and an engineer. She is passionate about the earth and humanity. Her dream is to bring light to this world through the beauty of music. She is inspired by others and through her music she looks forward to reaching those who get lost in the madness, by hearing a voice that makes sense of it all.