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Jacob Miller is a Jamaican reggae singer born May 4, 1952 in the hills of Mandeville . He died May 23, 1980 in a car accident.

He was raised by his mother Joan Hashman until the age of eight years. Unable to meet all its needs, she decides to give it to her grandparents who live in a neighborhood not far from Trenchtown . At age 13, with the help of his friend Al Campbell, Jacob recorded his first two titles ( Love is a message and My girl has left me ) in the studio of Coxsone Dodd . Another passage in Bunny Lee with the song What more can I do really determined to become a singer.


However it will take another six years before recording the song that will make him know success. This is Augustus Pablo who offered to record Keep on knocking at Dynamic Studio , a variant of Love is a message.Le known as a success and Jacob remains with him some time and investing more in music and the Rastafari movement.


In 1976 he joined Inner Circle and they recorded " Tenement Yard "

09 City of the Weak Heart

09 City of the Weak Heart

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