Coming from a Christian family he joined the choir of his church at the age of 10 and that’s where the foundation of his musical career was formed. In the nearby town of Popenguine he studied to become a qualified conductor and music teacher.  


Growing up with the music his elders listened to at the time Dread Vivas developed a great passion for reggae. Bob Marley, Burning Spear and Ijahman Levi, but also bands and artists such as Morgan Heritage, Luciano and more recent names such as Chronixx and Jah 9 influenced his music style and sound. Some more local names that have had an impact on him are Meta Dia and Dread Maxim Amar.  At the same time historical figures such as Haile Selassie I, Marcus Garvey, Malcom X and Nelson Mandela have inspired him, which shows through his conscious lyrics. 


In 2008 Dread Vivas released his first single Danal Sa Doole, meaning Work in his own language Wolof.  Since then he has recorded various singles and dubplates, e.g. for DJ Lassana of Angelvibes in Belgium and various other selectas in Europe.  2012, a year of political turbulence in Senegal, was the year in which he released the track Mistah President.  The following year he recorded Abuse and Sexual Violence in order to sensitize the population on Local and Reproductive Health care and raise awareness for HIV/Aids. In the same year he composed a song for a documentary about and against a mining project in Casamance, the south of Senegal.  In February 2014 he participated in the Sun Sooley “Senegal Tour” which took place at The French Institute and at the Cultural Center of Douta Seck in Dakar.


Some of his more recent tunes include Woote Benno and Sweet Wicked Babylon, for which the official music video was released in April 2014. Links to the videos arehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwKDVDDTUdQ and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QnoMFdy6fZg. 


Dread Vivas is determined to continue using his music and conscious lyrics to raise awareness for the various wrongs in society and to fight for peace, love and harmony. Furthermore, as a performing and recording artist he wants to promote his reggae music worldwide. Positivity is what drives him and only the sky is the limit!


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