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1957 - 1999

Dennis Emanuel Brown is loved second-to-none in reggae. There really is no-one who could ever take his place.

At the age of 11, Dennis Brown came to the attention of Coxsone Dodd, the legendary owner of Jamaica's Studio One record label. His first record, a cover of the doo-wop hit "No Man Is An Island", revealed him to have a talent mature far beyond his years. Listen to it today and you'll find that the phrasing and tones are still recognisably that of the the mature reggae star. "No Man Is An Island" was an immediate hit in Jamaica, and led to his first album, of the same title in 1970.

His second album, "If I Follow My Heart", also for Studio One, was named after his second major hit. Dennis Brown has arrived, but youth talents are common in reggae; he was really yet to prove himself.


Syneila Queen


@dennis-brown • 4 years ago
Birth Name: Dennis Emmanuel Brown
Born: 1957/02/01
Birth Place: Kingston, Jamaica
Died: 1999/07/01
Years Active: 1968 – 1999
Genres: Reggae, Lovers Rock