Cultural Roots Artists & Digital Artists United

By: izhmel Posted in: Site News  published09/09/13 12:00:00AM 

Welcome to Cultural Roots Artists United  & Digital Artists United
Where you can book some of our international reggae artists .

Cultural Roots Artists was established with the aim of gathering artists of the sphere of influence " Roots Rock Reggae and Dub " of the old and the new generation, to reveal and develop the creativity of each, in a mutual spirit of exchange.

Our talented artists have all the same visions delivered to the intergenerational public of the reggae scene a musical diversity full of positive messages that open the consciousnesses.

All this through live performances surrounded by quality musicians, or in Sound Sytems according to demand.

We are also in partnership with Dub Music Productions where you can have your songs, mastered by The Scientist, and distributed online! You can create your own DAU profile page where your fans can read your bio, listen to your mp3, and watch your YouTube videos.

 check out The Scientist on